For over 14 years, Cerberus has been integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives into our investment process as a proprietary operating capability to help improve performance and drive value.

Whether it relates to our investment philosophy or our compliance posture, we have long strived to be forward thinkers about ESG and the benefits to our investors and business partners worldwide. From our experience, we have come to the firm belief that responsibly addressing certain environmental and social issues, as well as prudent governance, mitigate risk and ultimately help to create more valuable companies and properties.

Since adherence to ESG principles and best practices is strongly aligned with profitable long-term investing, Cerberus has developed a dedicated ESG capability that works across our investment strategies, fostering an investment and operating environment in which value and sustainability exist symbiotically.

Led by our ESG Committee, our core ESG operating team takes an informed and proactive approach to ESG at all levels of our investment process, integrating a contextualized global awareness of ESG issues that can enhance portfolio performance. This includes our approach to investment due diligence, as well as the on-going maintenance and monitoring of our portfolio investments.

In recent years, we have expanded our in-house ESG expertise through innovative practices and philosophies. In 2017, the Cerberus ESG operating team created and implemented an ESG evaluation tool that assess industry-specific indicators to determine current performance against best practices. This tool allows us to isolate the ESG needs of individual companies and collect valuable data and analysis across our portfolio of companies and properties around the world.

By aligning the depth of our ESG metrics and insights with the commercial success of our companies and properties, we believe our ESG operating team can help Cerberus achieve our mission of delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted returns to our investors across market environments.







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