Headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, Lisbon, and Madrid, Cerberus European Servicing (CES) is Cerberus’ proprietary asset management, property management, and loan servicing platform.

Cerberus founded CES in 2013 as a proprietary operating company to support its investments in non-performing loans (NPLs) and real estate owned (REO) assets across Europe. As of March 2020, Cerberus has directly engaged CES on over 85 different loan portfolios and REO transactions, spanning more than 70,000 loans and in excess of 160,000 properties across Europe.

The experienced team at CES provides valuable services to Cerberus funds and accounts, including active, hands-on oversight of third party managers and servicers of individual assets on a property-by-property level, as well as loan servicing, administration, and settlement activities. CES also plays an important role in sourcing, diligence, and underwriting new investments.

The close integration between sourcing, underwriting, valuation, and strategy for active asset management helps Cerberus execute large and complex purchases of NPLs and REO portfolios with precision and confidence. CES, along with the network of Cerberus-owned servicing platforms and regional and local experts, is a critical factor in how Cerberus is able to partner with the largest and most prestigious financial institutions to support their strategies to reduce their exposure to NPLs and REO assets.

Cerberus European Servicing employs approximately 75 full-time professionals, and works with and oversees more than 1,500 dedicated third-party personnel at key servicing partners across Europe.







Dedicated third-party personnel at key servicing partners


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Full-time CES professionals across Europe