Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company (“Cerberus Operations”) is an industry-leading operations platform that is proprietary to Cerberus. Over multiple business cycles, Cerberus Operations has been purposefully constructed to help drive superior returns for our investors by seamlessly integrating operating expertise with portfolio company management and investment teams.

Cerberus Operations has more than 100 operating executives and functional experts that work across Cerberus’ investment platforms to maximize financial and operating performance. We employ seasoned executives with wide-ranging industry and functional expertise from top-tier companies.

Our overriding goal is to create better and more competitive businesses with greater financial strength and more strategic options. We focus on helping companies win in the marketplace, balance costs and asset efficiency, and develop sustainable leadership teams with sound governance and controls.


Strategic Operating Partners

We believe successful companies have strategic and operating priorities that go well beyond cost efficiencies and position themselves for sustainable competitive greatness.

Our executives and experts partner with management teams to get granular about the choices our businesses are making in terms of “how we play the game” versus competitors. Execution then becomes a matter of prioritization and focus, and we can provide management with a pool of ready talent who knows the company and is ready to help drive initiatives.

As strategic operating partners, we endeavor to bring closure to issues that can distract a business. We seek to remove complexity, optimize a company’s operating rhythm, and instill the discipline of “getting consequential things done” while keeping the customer’s point of view as the priority at all times.


Leadership and Talent Acquisition

Businesses work best when there is a diverse mix of people with industry expertise and outside perspectives. One of Cerberus Operations’ strengths is our ability to actively recruit and add great operating talent to our investments.

We look for and develop highly engaged leaders who appreciate the opportunity to lead and understand the obligations associated with their position. Our leaders understand that sustainable results are driven by teams who can balance commercial effectiveness with operational efficiency.

Our executives and functional experts work on interim and permanent bases wherever needed, whether that be in the boardroom or in the back office. Over the past decade, more than 100 COAC professionals have been employed by portfolio companies directly, including more than 50 C-suite executives. Our breadth of leadership and functional expertise provides a competitive edge to our companies, especially in instances where developing stand-alone and scalable organizations is required.






Core Practice Areas

Cerberus Operations directly employs teams that are organized in practice areas that cover the core business functions. This gives us continuity, accountability for results, and enables us to centralize best practices with frameworks and proprietary tools developed across a wide variety of engagements. Our core practice areas include:

  • Commercial Effectiveness
  • Communications and Branding
  • Diligence
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Legal and Regulatory Affairs
  • Operating Initiatives Group
  • Product Design-to-Delivery
  • Recruiting


Flex Network of Resources

We supplement our core practice area teams as needed with a broad network of expert advisors and retained or third-party resources to “flex” our operating capabilities to diverse business requirements.

We continuously invest in developing our robust Flex Network of leading consultants, specialist advisors, and contractors to ensure that we are leading edge across the spectrum of operational resources.

We employ rigorous staffing processes that optimize our practice areas and our Flex Network to provide the right resources at the right time in a highly efficient manner.


Competitiveness Council

Our Competitiveness Council is an advisory board of stature executives who actively engage with Cerberus to deliver tangible value to our businesses and investment activities.

Cerberus’ Competitiveness Council members support deal sourcing and due diligence, provide valuable advice to portfolio company management teams, and take on formal operating roles or serve as directors.

This highly qualified group of senior executives also coach and mentor our portfolio company executives and help source talent from their vast business networks and relationships.


The Cerberus Business System

The Cerberus Business System is how we bring all of these elements together in an active operating engagement model designed to improve the performance of our portfolio investments.

Our operating teams engage directly with portfolio companies and investment professionals, leverage our Flex Network and Competitiveness Council, and maintain continuity and close alignment of interests with our investors throughout the lifecycle of an investment.

Our active operating engagement model, and the way we evolve it to flex to the needs of our portfolio companies and global opportunities, is unique to the investment management industry and provides Cerberus with a competitive edge to drive value for our investors and business partners worldwide.







Operating executives and functional experts in Cerberus Operations


Practices areas spanning core business functions


Flex Network resources of specialized experts