Mr. Sylvester is Chief Executive Officer of Cerberus Technology Solutions, a subsidiary of Cerberus focused exclusively on leveraging emerging technology, data, and advanced analytics to drive business transformations. Previously, he was Global Head of Advanced Analytics for Cerberus Technology Solutions, where he led projects focused on scaling and accelerating transformations based on data management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Prior to joining Cerberus, Mr. Sylvester was the Head of Wholesale Development and Data Insights at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Intelligent Solutions, with responsibilities for leading a team focused on commercializing financially impactful big data and advanced analytics solutions. He also held other roles at JPMorgan Chase & Co. including Head of Platform Strategy and Development and Head of Americas Equity Trading. Prior to JPMorgan Chase & Co., Mr. Sylvester served as Managing Director and Head Equity Trader at Babson Capital Management and Vice President of Equity Trading at Harbor Capital Management.

He graduated from Central Connecticut State University.