Mr. Garvey is President of Residential Opportunities and joined Cerberus in 2008. Mr. Garvey was one of the original founders of the Firm’s residential strategy and platform. Since that time, Cerberus has become one of the world’s leading investors in performing residential real estate loans, with total loans purchased globally in excess of $55 billion. Cerberus has also earned recognition as an innovator and market leader in securitizing residential real estate loans.

Since 2015, Cerberus is the largest issuer of residential re-performing loan debt in the United States and the leading issuer of residential performing loan debt in United Kingdom and in Europe. Mr. Garvey also positioned Cerberus to acquire distressed single-family real estate in 2015 and since it first purchase, the Firm has built a proprietary, national SFR platform.

Prior to joining Cerberus, Mr. Garvey spent 11 years, from 1997 to 2008, as a Head Mortgage Trader and Manager at Lehman Brothers. He managed all risk and trading operations for Agency and Non-Agency residential mortgages.

Prior to working at Lehman Brothers, he spent three years as a Portfolio Manager at Fischer Francis Trees & Watts, where he managed pension fund money benchmarked to the mortgage index by actively trading and hedging Agency MBS. Mr. Garvey graduated from Wesleyan University.