Mr. Palmer is a Managing Director at Cerberus within the Firm’s private equity platform, which invests in global companies across industries and geographies. In his role, Mr. Palmer leads Cerberus’ private equity investments in healthcare, telecommunications and technology companies.

Since joining Cerberus in 2008, Mr. Palmer has played an instrumental role in building out the platform’s investment strategy in the healthcare sector. He has assisted in the identification of opportunities to collaborate with innovative managers and invest in sectors undergoing transformation, such as hospitals and specialty pharmaceuticals. Mr. Palmer has also contributed to the development of Cerberus’ investing practice in emerging and frontier markets. He currently serves on Cerberus’ Emerging Markets Investment Committee.

Mr. Palmer currently serves on the Board of Directors of Stratolaunch, an American aerospace company that develops and operates technologies to fulfill national priorities and AURA Network Systems, a company focused on developing a dedicated nationwide air-to-ground wireless communications network.

Mr. Palmer previously served on the Board of Directors of Steward Health Care, an accountable care organization, which Cerberus formed in 2010 by the acquisition of hospitals, physician practices, and an insurance company. He served on the Board of Covis Pharma, a specialty pharmaceuticals company, which Cerberus formed in 2011 and sold to Apollo in 2020, and PaxVax Global, a global specialty vaccines business, which Cerberus acquired in 2015 and sold to Emergent BioSolutions three years later. He also served on the Board of Print Media Holdings, a division of YP Holdings, which was an advertising solutions platform that Cerberus carved out of AT&T in 2012 and sold to DexMedia in 2017.

Mr. Palmer graduated cum laude from Duke University.